An Introduction By Sophie

Hello! I’m Sophie Wink and I’m proud to be a co-founder of Vivid Roots. While my role within this collective is mainly administrative and social media related, I am also super creative! My passions are performing and writing, because of this I have an understanding of how few opportunities there are here in the Highlands of Scotland which is why I am so eager to create loads and loads and loads of new exciting opportunities for artists to take advantage of.

To give you some more wee details about me… I’m from Elgin but I am now situated within Inverness. I studied here at the University of the Highlands & Islands and achieved a First Class Honours degree in Drama & Performance and graduated in a pandemic – we love that! My fourth year is where I creatively came into my own, as I discovered my style and my love for autobiographical performance. This is how Making Coffee was born:

Making Coffee is a semi-autobiographical performance exploring how dementia reorganises the family dynamic. Throughout the development of this piece I learned that autobiography is a useful tool for the contextualisation of complex societal issues. This performance fuelled my interest in autobiographical performance (and writing) so much that an MRes in the subject may be on the cards! Since then, my writing is inspired by themes of family, loss and truth and is heavily influenced by Pinter and Brecht.

I expect my time at Vivid Roots will push my creative and directorial abilities and hopefully help me find my place within the minefield that is the arts industry.

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