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We will be hosting our first ever AGM on Saturday 28th May, 5-7pm.

This AGM is our way of preparing for a future where VRC is a registered charity.

This year, we will be focusing on incorporating the company and applying for charitable status. This is a vital step towards our vision.

We have recently received some exciting news, which will help us to work towards our vision of providing opportunities for local emerging artists and to create new theatre in the Highlands.


Looking ahead…


This summer, we will be running focus groups to help demonstrate the needs of local theatre makers. This is part of our longer-term goal to become a registered charity. The focus groups will also shape the strands of our company so that we can respond directly to the needs of the sector.

If you would be interested in talking to us about your needs and wants from a local theatre company, please email us (this link will open a mailto window) with the subject line: FOCUS GROUP.


We will soon be hosting an open call for decision makers so that when we are assessing applications, we can be more representative; at VRC we are a mixture of queer and straight cisgender women but we would like to connect with artists and administrators in the theatre industry who represent the global majority (POC); non- or semi-British ethnicities; trans; non-binary; gender queer; low economic backgrounds; single parents; neurodiverse; or disabled.

If you are interested or would like to hear more, please email us (this link will open a mailto window) with the subject line: DECISION MAKER.


Our #WIP1 Report

We recently published our report for #WIP1. This includes an overview of the project, a discussion of some of our challenges and achievements, and an analysis of the feedback from the VRC Directors and the performers.

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