An Introduction By Keira

Hi there! This is Keira and welcome to the Vivid Roots website!

Just to tell you a little more about me, I am a young queer artist situated in the Highlands. I am from Aberdeen originally, where I was really involved with the amateur arts and theatre scene. In recent years, I’ve taken a step back from performing to focus more on other areas of theatre that interest me.

As I mentioned in the video above, I work in a lot of areas creatively such as acting, directing and writing. However, through Vivid Roots, I am the communications director. This entails networking with our partners and artists, making connections and laying groundwork for future collaborations.

Creatively, I’m inspired by things I read, watch or experience in my day to day life. I have a particular interest in queer theatre, verbatim theatre, and recently, live interactive performance art. Much of my own work is centred on themes of queerness and feminism and the intersection that exists within identity.

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