Parliamentary Motion

Scottish Parliament logo on black brick background.

Hello all to our first ever blogpost on our website! We are looking forward to sharing more content with you. Here we plan on updating you on what we’re doing next, introduce some incredible emerging artists in the Highlands, and just share some of our good news with you. If there is anything you would like to see in this space, let us know.

This post is all about some very good news! In case you haven’t heard already, local MSP Emma Roddick put forward a parliamentary motion about us, recognising the work we have done since the inception of Vivid Roots Collective! You can find the motion here:

Background is light purple with a white footer. A purple line separates them. A headshot of Emma Roddick in white scarf and red coat with a winter landscape behind is to the right with a purple circular border. The main text reads: S6M-01216: Vivid Roots Collective
That the Parliament recognises the efforts of UHI graduates, Laura Walker, Keira Smith, Sophie Bender, and Sophie Wink, in setting up Vivid Roots Collective, which is a group of talented performers who aim to make the performing Artis more accessible tor residents of the Highlands and Islands; acknowledges the importance of such projects in encouraging emerging artists to pursue their careers in the area and countering regional depopulation; thanks the collective for its part in providing aspiring talent with a professional base in the Highlands to develop their work; congratulates its members on their upcoming production, #WIP1, which highlights social issues such as gender roles and social stigma surrounding abortion, and wishes them luck in all their future endeavours.
The footer reads: Emma Roddick MSP
Highlands & Islands | A' Ghàidhealtachd agus na h-Eileanan
A Scottish Parliament logo in purple is on the right of the footer.

Having this recognition and support from our local Government Officials feels really gratifying for us. Anyone who has lived through the last year of the pandemic has some idea of how the arts industry has been impacted and the struggle that artists have had to face because of it. This struggle is a factor as to why we wanted to create Vivid Roots. So this notice of our hard work over the past year means the absolute world. It also serves as a reminder to thank everyone who has been following our work, for however long that has been. So from all of us here; thank you, and I hope you continue to follow us into whatever we do next.


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