Our #WIP1 Report

We recently published our report for #WIP1. This includes an overview of the project, a discussion of some of our challenges and achievements, and an analysis of the feedback from the VRC Directors and the performers.

You can read the full report here (the link will take you to the webpage for #WIP1).

As our first project, we have a lot to learn from our experiences and we hope that through our transparency in publishing our evaluations that any other emerging artists or companies might be able to learn from them too.

Some of the key themes that emerged from our report are:

  • #WIP1 was a successful event with a significant turnout for the size of the event.
  • #WIP1 was unsuccessful as a work-in-progress as we failed to generate meaningful feedback and conversation about the performances.
  • The performers generally felt safe and supported throughout the project.
  • The directors were creatively fulfilled through the creation and development of the work.

Published by Laura Walker

MRes postgrad at UHI; freelance director/practitioner; member of the NYAAG; co-founder and-director of Vivid Roots Collective. Here to make my mark on the creative industry in the Scottish Highlands.

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