Company of the Year Award (SETA21)

The content of this image is primarily text on a pastel yellow background. In the top left corner is The Scottish Emerging Theatre Awards alongside their logo; which is a small orange outlined trophy. The top right hand corner displays who this award is supported by Dogstar Theatre. A large portion of this image is taken up with the text: Company of the Year, orange in colour. Directly below  showcases the Runners-up of this award of whom are: Elfie Picket Theatre Company and Some Kind of Theatre.

We are beyond delighted and rather overwhelmed to have been awarded Company of the Year! Like many, we tend to undervalue the sheer amount of effort, time and passion we put into our practice as a company (let alone our individual freelance careers). I think this award is an acknowledgement of all that work. We would also like to say a massive congratulations to the Runners-Up: Elfie Picket Theatre and Some Kind of Theatre; both are amazing companies to keep your eye on!

The Scottish Emerging Theatre Awards (2021) hosted by Framework theatre, is an awards ceremony that celebrates emerging artists and companies based in Scotland. The purpose of these awards is to recognise artists and companies alongside their work who may ordinarily go unnoticed. The Company of the Year award, supported by Dogstar Theatre, celebrates an emerging theatre company making significant strides in their work.

On a personal note: I think when you are an emerging artist who is also surrounded by other emerging artists we are all too quick to compare ourselves to one another and worry about our progress and success; this means we often forget to celebrate our achievements. It is absolutely vital to be celebrating emerging talent as this encourages emerging artists to develop their practice and continue making work they are passionate about. It affirms us, building motivation, inspiration and confidence. This is super important as, at the end of the day, we are future of this industry.

We would also like to take this opportunity to recognise and applaud Framework Theatre for all of their hard work in initiating these awards. We believe that SETA will open up so many doors for emerging artists and companies especially for funding and networking opportunities that will further creative development and practice. Just to be nominated brings such a boost in morale and motivation. Thank you, Framework!

It is an honour to be celebrated amongst so many other emerging artists and companies in Scotland, we look forward to seeing so many new faces in next years awards! We hope to see you there too.

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