#WIP1 will be taking place on 25th September as a digital work-in-progress event. The event will showcase three original pieces of work; written, directed and performed by Highland-based artists.

We are delighted to be paying our performers for their work after a hugely successful fundraising campaign.


The Owl and the Imp

Written and directed by Laura Walker, the Owl and the Imp tells the story of a young owl who saves his river island from a mischievous imp by discovering the power of unity and the voice. This is a family-friendly storytelling and puppetry performance designed for the Ness Islands amphitheatre.

Tales of the Witch

Keira Smith, writer and director, brings us a witty and poignant two-hander about the life and legacy of Cutty-Sark – the woman and witch immortalised in Robert Burns’ poem: Tam O’Shanter. Tales of the Witch features a young woman reading the poem aloud in the Scottish outdoors, summoning the witch herself. The two conflicting characters lead us through a Feminist interrogation of the text in the context of the historic witch trials and contemporary everyday sexism.

I Am / I Am Not

Sophie Wink is the writer and performer for this solo piece about a young woman, Robin. Sophie takes you by the hand and leads you on Robin’s journey from the discovery of her pregnancy to her decision to have an abortion. Through this honest and simple narrative, Sophie tells the story of Robin in a way that is relatable to all of us.



We have been blown away by the response and support to our fundraising plea. Our fundraising campaign closed on the 20th August after an online summit where we offered extracts of our plays for discussion. At the summit, we also discussed the climate of Highland arts and culture and the challenges perceived by local emerging artists.

We will be sharing these insights soon.

Current total as of 30.08.21

Thank you to everyone who donated: Lisa Cooper, Lindsay Dunbar, Finlay Cassie, Annie Macdonald, Josh Berryman, Jack Macgregor, Thomas Walker, Shirley Widdop, Emma Ruse, Keith and Amy Bender, Luke Carmichael, Angie Morris, Jordan Brennan, Alan Macleod, Corey Walker, Helen Smith, Rachel Venturini, Stephanie Smart, Vicky Macrae, Bronwyn Dickson, Sheila Wink, Ann Mcpherson, Rachel Haston, Jack Elvey, Jennifer Watt, Courtney North, Jamie Arnold, Luke Montgomery, Stephen Wink, Gillian Sim, Rosemary Macdonald, Lesley Goodburn, Chris Carrol, Iain Reid, Lou Brodie, Monia Ben-Larbi, Alina Ben-Larbi, Ayesha Naples, Jo Czesak, Martimer Hedges and Jay Macgregor.

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