Our April Update

Hello and welcome to Vivid Roots Collective. We have been working since August 2020 on deciding what VRC will look like as a theatre company. Please watch our introduction video!

These are two things that have changed since we released this video:

  1. The Project: It turns out that getting funding for an emerging company is really hard. Our vision for a showcase of new work still exists, but for our first year, we have stripped our project back to the bare bones. We will be producing an online work-in-progress event, for which we are CROWDFUNDING so that we can pay our performers; unfortunately, this won’t be industry standard pay, but we will be dividing all of the money made from our crowdfunding (above the ¬£159.90 for the performance platform) between the 9 artists working on the project.
  2. The Focus: We started Vivid Roots as a platform for us to create our own work. Having had some time for our vision for our company to settle and mature, we have decided to focus on providing opportunities for local emerging artists. Creating new work under the theme of social justice will be a part of that journey, but this intent has now moved into the peripheral of our company aims.

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Thank you.