An Introduction By Sophie

Hello! I’m Sophie Wink and I’m proud to be a co-founder of Vivid Roots. While my role within this collective is mainly administrative and social media related, I am also super creative! My passions are performing and writing, because of this I have an understanding of how few opportunities there are here in the Highlands of Scotland which is why I am so eager to create loads and loads and loads of new exciting opportunities for artists to take advantage of.

To give you some more wee details about me… I’m from Elgin but I am now situated within Inverness. I studied here at the University of the Highlands & Islands and achieved a First Class Honours degree in Drama & Performance and graduated in a pandemic – we love that! My fourth year is where I creatively came into my own, as I discovered my style and my love for autobiographical performance. This is how Making Coffee was born:

Making Coffee is a semi-autobiographical performance exploring how dementia reorganises the family dynamic. Throughout the development of this piece I learned that autobiography is a useful tool for the contextualisation of complex societal issues. This performance fuelled my interest in autobiographical performance (and writing) so much that an MRes in the subject may be on the cards! Since then, my writing is inspired by themes of family, loss and truth and is heavily influenced by Pinter and Brecht.

I expect my time at Vivid Roots will push my creative and directorial abilities and hopefully help me find my place within the minefield that is the arts industry.

An Introduction By Keira

Hi there! This is Keira and welcome to the Vivid Roots website!

Just to tell you a little more about me, I am a young queer artist situated in the Highlands. I am from Aberdeen originally, where I was really involved with the amateur arts and theatre scene. In recent years, I’ve taken a step back from performing to focus more on other areas of theatre that interest me.

As I mentioned in the video above, I work in a lot of areas creatively such as acting, directing and writing. However, through Vivid Roots, I am the communications director. This entails networking with our partners and artists, making connections and laying groundwork for future collaborations.

Creatively, I’m inspired by things I read, watch or experience in my day to day life. I have a particular interest in queer theatre, verbatim theatre, and recently, live interactive performance art. Much of my own work is centred on themes of queerness and feminism and the intersection that exists within identity.

An Introduction By Laura

Hello! If you want to know a little bit more about me as a director of Vivid Roots, this is the place to be.

As an emerging artist, my practice has been evolving rapidly over the past five years. This is both creatively and professionally. Since Higher Drama in 2015, I have been driven by a desire to direct live theatre and this passion has never gone away – in this, I think I am really lucky. However, my creativity was often put to the side in University as I discovered skills in producing. Managing group work and my own time was often my asset in creative collaboration so it wasn’t until our 4th year Autonomous Performer project that I truly got to explore my own creativity. I discovered that over the five years of my degree, informed by (literally) scores of live productions, I had been nurturing a preference for storytelling, physical theatre, and puppetry.

Although my skills in organisation, networking and communication meant that I was pushed towards the role of producer, it has only let me discover a new passion.

By the way, if you’re wondering if you are a producer at heart, there is an easy way to find out. If, when you see a beautiful spreadsheet, or a well-organised filing system and your reaction is like this gif of Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you should do some producing.

As a creative practitioner, I also discovered a love of research. I work on a philosophy that research helps to inform practice by ensuring that socially, politically and creatively it remains relevant to contemporary ethics and ideas. In autumn 2021, I hope to begin a Masters of Research, exploring the relationship between physical theatre and Feminism through a phenomenological framework. I expect this research to provide me with new insights into exploring social issues through movement-based praxes. My skills as a researcher will inform all of the work that we produce creatively with Vivid Roots Collective.

Our April Update

Hello and welcome to Vivid Roots Collective. We have been working since August 2020 on deciding what VRC will look like as a theatre company. Please watch our introduction video!

These are two things that have changed since we released this video:

  1. The Project: It turns out that getting funding for an emerging company is really hard. Our vision for a showcase of new work still exists, but for our first year, we have stripped our project back to the bare bones. We will be producing an online work-in-progress event, for which we are CROWDFUNDING so that we can pay our performers; unfortunately, this won’t be industry standard pay, but we will be dividing all of the money made from our crowdfunding (above the £159.90 for the performance platform) between the 9 artists working on the project.
  2. The Focus: We started Vivid Roots as a platform for us to create our own work. Having had some time for our vision for our company to settle and mature, we have decided to focus on providing opportunities for local emerging artists. Creating new work under the theme of social justice will be a part of that journey, but this intent has now moved into the peripheral of our company aims.

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Thank you.